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reflect + renew is a mindfulness based wellness program founded by two physicians, Dr. Aeva Gaymon-Doomes & Dr. Karinn Glover. Uniquely qualified, both doctors have trained and practiced Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) for years.

reflect + renews offers both individual and organizational consultations led by wellness physicians to assist with implementation of holistic, mindfulness practices.


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Our wellness physician led mindful leader seminars will focus on enhancing leadership creativity, leading and living with resiliency, and ways to use mindfulness in moments of adversity and organizational change.


Whether you are new to mindfulness practices or experience and value your well being.  Our wellness physicians at reflect + renew can help you in shorter time frames keep a clear mind to increase your productivity throughout the work day.


reflect + renew Mindfulness Leadership Retreat is created to focused on increasing work performance, success and satisfaction by utilizing the mindfulness based principles of “leading and living in the moment”.


Our core goal at reflect + renew is to teach mindfulness skills that promote long-term overall well-being by

  • bringing out individual potential

  • supporting mental flexibility

  • enhancing resilience

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Clients come to us to for

  • stress reduction techniques employees can practice immediately.

  • conquering work-associated stress using MBSR practices.

  • innovative strategies to lead and work 'with a clear and deliberate' focus.

  • fresh ways of interacting and engaging mindfully with customers, clients, teams and colleagues with deliberate focus.  



reflect + renew
Martha’s Vineyard

Join reflect + renew for a mindfulness experience on the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard. Enjoy guided meditation, music, and movement.

Attendees will experience the benefits of mindfulness on their overall wellness and learn to incorporate mindful practice into their everyday lives.


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Contact us to schedule your 20 minute needs assessment and let us show you how we can help your bottom line. With happier, mindful employees, studies show greater productivity. Learn why companies are offering alternative wellness to their overall benefits packages.