The co-founders of reflect + renew are skilled in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) techniques, and are committed to teaching and sharing the benefits of mindfulness. 

Mindfulness is a skill that teaches us how to 'think, be & live- in the moment. Mindfulness allows for presence 'in the moment' in a gentle, nonjudgmental way – and has become a “best practice” for business as it supports mental flexibility and decision-making, as well as resilience.

Mindfulness also provides clarity and focus by teaching how to look inward and develop skills that will enhance the ability to enjoy life and live in our lives and not through them.   

Research has shown that mindfulness meditation provides an opportunity to develop skills that can enhance performance and leadership in a complex environment.

During the reflect + renew workshops and seminar sessions, busy people who have “no time to meditate” will learn stress-reducing, performance-enhancing skills they can use immediately, in sessions developed by our co-founders. 

Rather than a life of 'leaning in,' reflect + renew will teach attendees how to find clarity and focus to live within each moment.