relax + renew

Leadership Retreat for Women

1-3 Day Retreat for Women

reflect + renew Mindfulness Leadership Retreat provides a great opportunity for new mid-level and senior-level managers leading teams with direct reports, as well as women entrepreneurs and women business owners. 


Retreat Goals

Benefits of reflect + renew Mindfulness Leadership Retreat:

Increase leadership clarity and deliberate decision making skills.

Increased ability to align organizational goals with participants' personal and professional goals.

Increased ability to lead with positivity and heightened awareness of leadership patterns.


Retreat Components

reflect + renew Mindfulness Leadership Retreat Features:

intensive interactive workshop instruction.

leadership vignettes.

small group breakout sessions, and an overview of mindfulness leadership skills.


For booking

Contact reflect + renew to book our workshops and seminars for your organization or group. Competitive rates, real results, improved productivity and wellness lifestyle building.

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Retreat Highlights

Women experience and exercise power differently. We work with participants to understand:

The unique value women bring to various highly-charged work environments.

How power dynamics uniquely impact women.

How to navigate these dynamics with mindfulness.